All our log kitchen cabinets and rustic vanities are custom made to your exact specifications. We do a lot of log kitchen cabinet projects, but we can made barnwood cabinets, and even sawtooth hickory cabinets as well. Whatever you need, we can build for you. Our barnwood vanities, log vanities, and sawtooth hickory vanities, are also made the way you want them. You choose the length, number of drawers, number of doors, vanity top, etc. Pair your rustic vanity with a vanity mirror or medicine cabinet. We have a couple standard sizes on our rustic mirrors and vanity cabinets, but we can custom make any size you need. Send us your blueprint for your cabinets and ideas, and we will work with you to make exactly what you need for your log cabin or home. Call us to discuss custom kitchen cabinets and vanities - (320) 259-0909. 


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